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Science Fair

The 6-8 grade classes and the 4th grade class are busily preparing their experiments and typing up their results for the upcoming Science Fair. The Fair will be judged on Feb. 26 and open for viewing on Feb. 27. We are always looking for judges, this is a great opportunity to see some fantastic student work. If you are interested in judging please call the elementary school office, 984-6123.


Also at the 6-8 grade level students have been enjoying the basketball season. We have had some very exciting, close games. Next up will be softball and a co-ed soccer team for our spring sports.

Parent-Teacher Conferences

The second trimester is a more than half way completed. Our parent-teacher conferences are scheduled for March 17-21. Please be looking for notices from your child’s teacher for signing up for a meeting time the first week of March. This is an important time to catch up on your child’s progress in school.

State Testing

I’m sure many parents have heard about the new Common Core State Standards. The teachers and I are very excited about implementing these standards. They will provide the students with the opportunity to study subjects more in depth than the previous standards.

Since this change is being implemented the state of California passed legislation withdrawing the STAR (CST) assessments, with the exception of Science in grades 5, 8, and 10.

The new testing that will be in place for the 2014-15 school year is called Smarter Balanced. Students will be participating in the statewide “Field Test” of Smarter Balanced this year. This assessment is given online. There will be no results given for this field test. If parents would like to look at samples of this test, it is available at:

Or search: Smarter Balanced Practice Test.

Students will have to be answering a variety of question types: multiple choice, short answer and essays. This is definitely a new approach, we will have to provide opportunities for practice. If anyone has questions please call me at 984-6123.


Just as a side note: we are having many tardies and unverified absences. Please try to get to school by 8:20 and if your child(ren) is/are absent please give us a call letting us know why. Thank you!!